Provident Village of Canton is excellent in my opinion…

We moved our 87 year old father to Canton to be closer to me from another state eight months ago and have been very satisfied.  He requires memory care and I have found the facility to be excellent in every way.  The nursing staff is caring and professional.  The ancillary staff is as well.  I would strongly recommend Provident Village at Canton if seeking a caring environment for a loved one.  The activities are based on the residents needs and interest.  Dad has enjoyed the many musical activities and outings especially a trip to the Canton Theater to see “Driving Miss Daisy”.  I especially appreciate the Memory Care Coordinator.  She not only provides excellent nursing care but activities and all other aspects of care fir the memory impaired individuals.  She is excellent in communicating with me and my many questions and concerns for dad.

P. Gephart – 3/22/18

I visited this facility…

Provident Village at Canton was nice and brand new, but we still have our thinking capacity, and it’s also a memory care unit. The staff was friendly. It looked very well organized. The people looked happy. The grounds were nice and well maintained. It’s a little isolated, and the apartments were very small. They had a very nicely executed calendar day by day, daily devotional every morning at 10:00, a salon, exercise classes, and a Bible study every day, which was wonderful. They’re also quite patriotic. They have a flag raised and lowered every day. There’s a men’s club, which was great. They had movies and popcorn, family day, and card games, something almost every hour if you would choose to do it. The rooms were so tiny that for two people, it would be very difficult.
Janie – 1/09/18

I visited this facility…

Provident Village was beautiful and reminded me of an upscale rental place. We saw two vacant apartments. The bedrooms were a nice size with small kitchenettes, and people brought their own furnishings. There were a lot of interactions with the residents in the hallways; they answered any questions that we had and allowed us to walk up and down the halls.
Stella – 7/17/17

If you are looking for a beautiful, safe place for your loved one, you need to visit Provident Village in Canton. My mother moved here recently and so far I am very impressed with the staff and the wonderful, healthy meals! Mom is very happy – so that makes me happy! 

G. Skinner – 7/10/17

Thank you to all the EVERYONE who kept my mother and all the residents safe and sound during today’s tornados. Heroes. Each and every one of you ❤️❤️!

R. Barbour – 6/22/17

We had to make a decision…

On my visit I had someone who was professional and thorough with giving the tour.  The community was fine for the care we were looking for.  The community looked nice too.

Canton, GA visitor – 5/2017

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The best AL I have ever been to! 

I am a hopice nurse for Pickens and Cherokee county area.  I go to a lot of facilities to visit my residents.  I have to say Provident Village has got to be my favorite place.   I instantly feel welcome when I come in, well staffed community, some of the most amazing staff I have ever worked with!  Wellness Director is doing a great job keeping it staffed but amazing job keeping them well  informed.  Med techs and caregivers are the most knowledgeable I have ever seen!  The building is beautiful and clean but the care the residents get comes from an amazing staff.  At Provident I find myself bragging about faculty.  I highly recommend you to take a loved one there!

Donna Jenkins, RN – 4/2017

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Amazing staff!

We place our father into the new memory care unit in late 2016.  The memory care coordinator convinced us early that our dad was going to get great care there.  My wife, who is an occupational therapist who works alot with the geriatric population took note that, while the memory care unit was new, many of the employees were recognized as some of the “good” folks from other local facilities in which she had treated patients.  This was comforting as there weren’t really any reviews available then.

Fast forward five months.  We are so grateful that we chose Provident Village.  The staff in the memory unit is truly amazing.  Some of the most caring and competent caregivers we’ve ever met work here.  It really showed us how our father was cared for.  Unfortunately, my father was  place on home hospice (at Provident Village), and recently passed away.  But I know that his final months were spent in the care of the best folks in the industry.  I enthusiastically recommend Provident Village’s memory unit to anyone who is looking.

Leo Buehler – 4/2017

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Adjusted Well…

My mother has adjusted very well to this community.  It is a very nice community, and I am pleased with her move here.  They have a wonderful staff, they have been very helpful.  There are activities offered for the residents when they are ready to participate.  The meals are decent, but they could use more of a variety to choose from.  Overall she is doing well at this community, and I would recommend it.

Canton, GA Family – 3/2017

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I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident…

Provident Village was very good; we are going to pick up my mother in law as she had an injury, and she is going to be home today, but she has been here for about two months. It’s a lovely facility. It’s well-staffed and well-maintained. The room was very well appointed, and it was a nice size. It had very spacious bathroom closet space, and it had a little patio area off of the room.

Nancy366480 – 2/07/2017


I visited this facility…

Provident Village was brand new, so it looked really good and in order. They were very friendly, very informative, and sat down and talked with us a good while about things we can do at home until it’s time. We were impressed. They had scheduled activities for both assisted living and memory care. They did field trips and took people out to see local sites. It seemed like a happy place. The dining area was very nice and had different choices and snacks. It looked like a good setup.
Karen082201 – 1/31/17

This community is down the road from the hospital…

My mother-in-law has recently moved into the memory care unit of this brand new community and she is doing better.  The community is not yet full and the ratio of caregivers to residents is about 50%.  She seems to like the food.  They offer activities such as memory games and arts and crafts.  You are able to log in to SMILE online to send a message to a caregiver.  They have a pharmacy they work with and they are good at coordinating.  They are easy to work with and are open to feedback.

Canton, GA Family – 1/2017

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Getting around!

We just love this community and the staff.  As a matter of fact, when my loved one gets out of the rehab this is where he wants to go live.  It is an excellent community for him to be in and thrive.  He just needs to get a little more mobile.

Canton, GA Visitor – 11/2016

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I am/was a resident of this facility…

Provident Village at Canton was immaculate, very pretty, and brand new. My treatment there was excellent. I was recuperating from a very bad fall, so I was only there for a 2 and a half month period, but I was treated very well, and I would recommend it highly to anybody else. They have very good employees that have a lot of dedication. They’re very concerned about their residents, and they take very good care of them. They also have a very good activities program.

Lisa655430 – 9/30/16


I was blown away by the decorum and the great care that my friend is getting. I had lunch with her and the food was amazing and the presentation was wonderful!    

– D. Lopez – 9/18/16

Brand new community, so far so good…

My husband is doing pretty well here at this community.  This is a brand new facility, so there are still some things they need to work on.  It is a nice and clean community, they do a good job with the cleaning.  The staff is good, they are trying their best.  I am comfortable with the care they are providing him with.  This is a community I would recommend.

Canton, GA Family – 7/2016

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I visited this facility…

Provident Village was nice, and I liked it. The only thing I did not like was the outside space. This building was built like a square or a rectangle and walled on all sides. It had a closed-in feeling. My dad would appreciate somewhere he can look out and see something other than brick. Other than that, I liked it. It was very clean and modern, and I really liked the inside. I just met one lady who was very nice and helpful. The dining room was nice and clean. It’s a new, clean facility. They answered our questions. I was pleased with everything but the outdoor space.
Patricia740540 – 6/28/16

I am so very impressed with Provident Village Assisted Living facility!

My mother moved in 2 days ago.  The staff is wonderful and so friendly!  Besides the entire building and surrounding landscape being beautiful, it gives the atmosphere of a beautiful hotel instead of an Assisted Living Facility!

There is not one negative thing I could say about Provident Village Assisted Living.  I a an RN and have been to many facilities through the years with Hospice.  This new facility is by far my favorite and I could not be more grateful for all of the kindness and assistance being provided here!

Diane – 5/2016

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