Discover New Joy

Joy is a state of heart and mind – and what brings joy – is different for everyone. So at Provident Village at Canton, our programs are all created with individual preferences and abilities in mind.

From gardening to sing-alongs to bridge clubs, from painting and computer classes to outdoor walking clubs to spiritual study groups, the opportunities to be social and discover new joys are endless.

We believe that when you feel better, you live better and our residents enjoy a host of classes designed to take care of the body and the mind. For example, taking part in a fitness or yoga class can help to improve balance, endurance and strength. Attending one of our intellectually stimulating programs or lectures can help boost the mind, and being involved with our regularly scheduled religious programs and services can nourish the spirit. We provide the tools, support and whatever else our residents need to ensure they receive total wellness.

The socially connected environment at Provident Village at Canton empowers residents to meet new friends and engage in an active, vibrant lifestyle. Even if needs and abilities change, our strong sense of community makes residents feel warm, welcome and secure – like family.